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sudo systemctl restart openvpn
sudo systemctl restart openvpn
* [[Kali/OpenVPN]]
** [[Kali/OpenVPN/Hotspot]]
** [[Kali/OpenVPN/DNS]]
** [[Kali/OpenVPN/PIA]]
* [[Kali/Hotspot]]

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Set up OpenVPN as described on the Kali/OpenVPN page.

Next, we will tell anyone on the VPN network we just created to use the gateway/host machine as the DNS server. This ensures DNS queries are passed through the gateway/host machine.

On the gateway machine, edit /etc/openvpn/server/server.conf

Make the gateway machine the DNS resolver by adding the line

push "dhcp-option DNS <IP-ADDR-OF-TUN0-INTERFACE>"

For me,

push "dhcp-option DNS"

Also comment out any other push "dhcp-option DNS lines.

Now restart the OpenVPN server on the gateway machine:

sudo systemctl restart openvpn