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open-source library concept:
open-source library concept:
===Cantera on Wiki===
===Cantera on Wiki===

Latest revision as of 03:57, 9 October 2019

Wiki stuff to fix


Flags page has a really long alphabetical list of flags,

but this should be reconciled with namespace 10:


Fix this flag: Template:WirelessFlag (clean up)

Category:Wireless has a list of wireless pages

List of major categories of pages at the Wireless page


Turn the list on the main page into links to relevant stuff - use a lighter blue for links on the index page.

Scientific Software

Finish up the pages:

Template for each one

See Scientific Software for notes.


open-source library concept:

Cantera on Wiki

Update some of the information about Cantera on the wiki

Update the Cantera Flag at Template:CanteraFlag and add it to the existing Cantera pages


Update this page to refer to wiki pages instead of blog posts:

Pull those blog posts out of the archive.


Github bots

pep8 bot, lint bot, travis bot, stale issues bots, auto-closing issue bots, etc.

google's contribution agreement bot


Wordpress blog

  • Run a blog post featuring things I have on the main page, wiki links, Github links, explanations and maps, etc etc
  • Link to the blog posts from the main page
  • If the main page link would be better to link to a specific thing, then do that. Otherwise, give the rundown and link list.