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These repositories consist of unfinished code. These repos are dusty old things, once-good ideas, etc. Everything here is unfinished.

Kenwood TS 570

Repository containing Python code for interfacing with Kenwood TS 570 radio via serial interface on radio, plus USB-serial adapter.

What is unfinished:

  • went unfnished mainly because didn't have antenna or know way to hook it up or what to do or anything. Once we actually get a radio, it will be nice not to just say, okay, hooked up, ready to go, now what.

Link to repository:


What is unfinished:

  • everything, needs documentation, more scripts, more tasks

Link to repository:

XKCD Colors

Just some code thrown together, but could potentially be useful to something, somewhere, later on down the road, maybe?

What is unfinished:

  • Add a simple page, download, provide some content, useful reference page.

Scientific Software

Blog posts for writing great scientific software.

What is unfinished:

  • not well-thought-out posts, mostly jumbled thoughts, trying to get something finished/posted
  • need better template, links, info, division of information
  • these changes would make it more useful - but would take time. so, tradeoff in how nice/useful you want to make it, vs how much time you want to pour into it

Repository link:

Dang Pelican Barebones

Barebones template for using Pelican to generate static content for sites using D3.js and Angular.js.

What's unfinished:

  • examples. templates. explanation of workflow. scripts. readmes.

Repository link:


Wrapper library for Cantera, providing several convenience functions.

Link to repository on Github:

Link to page:

Sports Heroes

Tony Gwynn

This is still a useful repository, but unfinished because it was just outlining the beginning of an idea. The goal of this repository is to write code that would allow a Twilio phone-based menu to play an audio file to a user, based on a series of selections.

What is unfinished:

  • Creating a polished, completed phone app, and creating documentation

Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza is a library for scraping MP3s listed on a website using Python, then downloading those MP3 files and


John Stockton

A robot that scrapes MP3s from a website and transcribes them with the Google Text-to-Speech API


Magic Johnson

A robot that scrapes a webpage for MP3s, turns them into videos, and uploads the videos to YouTube.


Python Image Library

This repository was a nice implementation of a simple concept.

What is unfinished:

  • nicer github page, with a single page with some better information about what's going on.

Link to repository:

Archimedes Pelican

not sure. documentation? what do you do? what does it do? where is the example?

Empirical Model Building

Notes about empirical model building. Good start, but not enough to be terribly useful.

What is unfinished:

  • Don't know. More pages, more content.