From charlesreid1

Story line:

  • An artificial intelligence is holding the Wonderland economy hostage, sending cryptic messages
  • Infecting/infiltrating the networks of various buildings/places around Wonderland
  • Different buildings for different puzzles, leading up to a fatal flaw, that in the end is a big joke.

The ciphertext:

  • There are always 3 ciphertexts (except the first one!)
  • Clue types:
    • Old word/code word
    • quote or pangram
    • Number fact, folklore, weird info
    • Always a clue: what the keyword is (related to the two other clues)

The final puzzle:

  • More complex, presents 8 numbers, binary, decimal, sum, 2000, how many primes before, 1999 is number 33, l33t


  • Each puzzle is presented on a page, so they have the details to work on it.
  • Once they have the clues deciphered, they are ready to take the quiz.
  • They take the quiz, which is password-protected and revealed by the puzzle's clue.
  • When you take the quiz, it just says, Good work agent! Can you explain how you did it?
  • Text box response. It cannot be empty. I go through and check, and award extra credit if they can explain what they did.

Each puzzle you pass gives you X extra credit.