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Once Upon A Time Pad

The Story

Still in virtual Wonderland

A one-time pad. Mad Hatter Industries has moved fast - they put you into a brand new robot, modeled after a koala bear, with opposable thumbs and the ability to climb around very easily.

Now, Agent, we need you to sneak into Bill the Lizard's house, to activate the Master Kill Switch. We've put the necessary payload onto a USB drive, so all you need to do is find POOKIE's main server and plug this in. The Master Kill Switch sequence on this USB drive should do the rest.

Won't I attract the attention of POOKIE?

Since you're not a resident of Wonderland, and neither is the robot that you are controlling, we don't expect you to attract any attention. But just in case, you can use these night vision goggles, and

Rats! Foiled at the last step. You open a communications link with the White Rabbit. "Agent to Base, I need some assistance here. I'm stuck outside the server room. It requires some kind of code for entry."

"What a coincidence!" says the White Rabbit.

"What's a coincidence?"

"You are an expert in secret codes!"

"But Mr. Rabbit, I can't possibly try every single code - trying every one digit code would only require 10 tries, but trying every four digit code would require 10,000 tries - and what if it's a nine-digit code? Then I'll have to try a billion codes!"

"Well, in that case, maybe that's what this new puzzle is all about."

"A new puzzle??"

"Yes, POOKIE sent it to us this morning, and it's a real head-scratcher. You're going to need to give it some thought."

"But I'm in the middle of a mission to activate the kill switch! I can't solve the puzzle as a robotic koala bear!"

"Well, that's all right, you can leave that robot idling while you solve the puzzle. I'll send you the details!"

And just like that, you're back on the couch, in your real body - you're not a robotic koala bear in Wonderland anymore. You check your mailbox and see that the White Rabbit has sent the puzzle to you. Time to get to work...

The Ciphertext

WR: POOKIE sent us a message with this puzzle. Here's what POOKIE had to say.

"This puzzle is a one time pad - the only unbreakable cipher on the planet. The only way to crack a one time pad is if a weakness is somehow built into it, but my cipher is impeccable - unbreakable - unmatched. You can never crack the code, unless you have the pad. By the way, Mr. White Rabbit, have i ever told you that my favorite book is the one that made you famous - Alice's Adventure in Wonderland? Especially the first three chapters. I love the first sentence of each of those chapters. Except the spaces and punctuation. I prefer just the letters."

Cryptotoken 1:


Cryptotoken 2:


Cryptotoken 3:



Plaintext 1:


Pad 1:


Cryptotext 1:


Plaintext 2:


Pad 2:


Cryptotext 2:


Token 3:


Pad 3:


Cryptotoken 3:


Chapters 1, 2, 3 stripped of spaces and punctuation