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A Swiss Bank

The Story

Well Agent, it seems that we've managed to scare POOKIE so much that it tried to make a getaway. Fortunately for us, POOKIE was in a rush and was careless with the details. He's trying to make his escape by using a fake passport and a Swiss Extra Credit Account.

"You mean Wonderland has a Switzerland?"

"Yes - but it's the same Switzerland as yours.

Here's what we know:

We have a mole in the bank. Unfortunately, the mole has no access to POOKIE's accounts or information. However, the mole has managed to tap the bank's phone line, and has passed along some valuable information about the bank's cryptography.

Here's what our man on the inside (actually, it's a Golden Retriever) said about the bank's security system:

To communicate securely with its customers, the bank uses one time pads to encrypt communication. The bank will generate a list of one time pads, associated with a particular customer, and store those one time pads. They then securely mail a copy to the customer, who agrees to keep these codes in an absolutely secure place.

At that point, both the customer and the bank have a set of one-time pads that they can use to communicate secretly. When the customer wants to perform a transaction with the bank, he or she encrypts the transaction with the next one time pad in the list. Once a one time pad has been used, it is discarded.

Our mole also told us that the bank does not generate purely random one time pads - meaning there is a weakness that we can exploit.

The Cryptotokens

Here's how the bank generates its one time pad:

Take the current date and time, in the form YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

Create a new 14-digit number YYYYMMDDHHMMSS

The Solution

Token 1:

The Enigma machine was a complex electromechanical encoding device with 15 billion billion possible settings. It was originally designed for banks then used by the Nazis and cracked by Alan Turing.

Token 2:

All models are wrong, some models are useful. George Box

Token 3:

Enter the secret key billion to unlock the puzzle quiz.

OTP with generating token.