Pelican theme for content.

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This Pelican theme provides templates for pages.

How to install theme

To install the theme, use the pelican-theme utility:

git clone

# if theme not installed, install:
pelican-themes -i

# if theme already installed, upgrade:
pelican-themes -U

Now you can set the theme in from any directory, and specify the theme as, and it will use this theme. In, include this:

THEME = ''

If/when files in this theme are changed, the -i install or -U upgrade command should be run again.

For help, run:

pelican-themes -h

How to use the theme

To use the theme, set the Pelican theme in Then, the Pelican site should:

  • Create an index landing page
  • Create main landing pages for each sub-category (about/consulting/writing/projects/etc)
  • Landing pages may use theme templates, or may define totally different stuff.
  • New/separate apps go in their own folder, see

How to customize the navbar

This theme doesn't make many assumptions about site layout, but what assumptions it does make are made in the navbar.

To customize the navbar, edit the file templates/_includes/navbar.html.

What to do next

This is the base theme, but there are others. These should be updated accordingly:

  • wiki theme
  • theme
  • Charlesreid1 notes theme