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What is it?

This repository contains a barebones D3 + Angular + Pelican deployment.

Check it out, and you can get started right away creating a Pelican site that uses Angular.js.

Where is everything?

The pelican directory contains all the important files. This consists primarily of a barebones Pelican theme that includes Angular (and other goodies), but is packed as a whole ready-to-go repository since that is more the style I like.

The theme is called simple-angular, and it is a really stripped-down version (most of the non-essential blog stuff like tag/category/author pages is ripped out). The template is intended for use developing static pages.

How to use it?

Check out a copy of this repository to get your site going, and open the pelican directory:

git clone
cd dang-pelican-barebones/pelican/

The default theme is defined by the files in the simple-angular directory. The theme can be installed using the pelican-themes command line utility:

pelican-themes -i simple-angular

That will allow you to use this theme when you make a site with Pelican. The theme will get you started with the bare essentials needed to get an Angular "Hello World" site going.