Fork of IPython in-depth course notes from PyCon 2015.

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IPython in depth tutorial

In its current form, this tutorial is meant to be executed with Jupyter notebook 5.0, using IPython 6.0 or newer on Python 3, the latest IPython version compatible with Python 2 is IPython 5.x that may not have the exact same behavior and all the features presented in this tutorial.

You can find our installation instructions for IPython and Jupyter notebook

To get the tutorial, checkout the ipython-in-depth repo:

git clone

Or just download current master and unzip it.

At the command line, you can do this with (depending on whether your system uses wget or curl):

wget -O


curl -L -o

And then:


Change directory inside the directory newly created:

cd ipython-in-depth

You can then start the IPython notebook server at a terminal with:

jupyter notebook

Docker images

The tutorial do reference a couple of docker images that are quite heavy (several GB). Please do not download them on conference wifi. You may want to populate the Docker Cache you may want to use the following command ahead of time:

$ docker pull jupyter/data-science-notebook

The image contains a installation of the Jupyter notebook with R, Julia, Python2, Python3 and a couple of library for each language.