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Site contents for

source code

master branch

This is the master branch. It contains instructions and notes.


Create a www branch that's empty.

git checkout --orphan www

Update .gitignore to ignore zip files and node files:


get site

wget -O

Get rid of README


npm node, gulp

To use gulpfile:

  • Need to install npm and node
  • Need to install gulp

To install npm/node:

  • Use package manager

To install gulp:

npm install --save-dev gulp
npm install --global gulp-cli
npm install gulp-sass --save-dev
npm install gulp-header
npm install gulp-clean-css
npm install gulp-rename
npm install gulp-uglify
npm install gulp-install
npm install gulp-filter

This will result in a node_modules directory. This should not be committed - add to .gitignore.

commit changes

To commit changes to master branch:

git add -A .
git commit -a -m 'Update master branch'
git push origin master

www branch

Edit files/css/etc.

remake site contents

To remake site contents:


commit changes

To commit:

git add -A .
git commit -a -m 'Update site'
git push origin www


ssh to the deploy machine

initial setup

Assuming your nginx points to /www/

cd /www/

git clone -b www htdocs


cd /www/
git pull

That's it!