D3 calendar visualization of wiki and git edits.

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This contains D3 calendar charts visualizing wiki edits on charlesreid1.com.

Colormap Script

make_cmaps.py is a script to make colormaps for Javascript.

The script uses a function make_cmap() to make matplotlib colormaps constructed with custom colors, and the webcolors library converts between RGB and hex color formats.

Wiki Edits Calendar

The script make_wiki_revs.py creates a CSV file containing a list of dates, along with number of edits that day and the character count of all edits that day.

There are several D3 calendar visualizations that can be made from that:

  • edits.html - visualizes number of edits
  • charcount.html - visualizes character counts of edits
  • logcharcount.html - visualizes log of character counts of edits

These follow the example provided by Mike Bostock on bl.ocks.org: https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/4063318

Git commit calendar

Gitea stores repositories in its own database, so use gitea dump on the command line to dump the contents of its database.

How to add to front page of gitea?


continuous update scripts:

  • truly a dashboard
  • scripts run at startup
  • sleep for days, run every once and a while