Code to run the Python MediaWiki bot.

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The Pywikibot framework is a Python library that interfaces with the
`MediaWiki API `_
version 1.14 or higher.

Also included are various general function scripts that can be adapted for
different tasks.

For further information about the library excluding scripts see
the full `code documentation `_.

Quick start


git clone
cd core
git submodule update --init
python script_name

Or to install using PyPI (excluding scripts)

pip install pywikibot --pre

Our `installation
guide `_
has more details for advanced usage.

Basic Usage

If you wish to write your own script it's very easy to get started:


import pywikibot
site = pywikibot.Site('en', 'wikipedia') # The site we want to run our bot on
page = pywikibot.Page(site, 'Wikipedia:Sandbox')
page.text = page.text.replace('foo', 'bar')'Replacing "foo" with "bar"') # Saves the page


For more documentation on pywikibot see our `docs `_.

.. include:: pywikibot/DIRECTORIES.rst

Required external programs

It may require the following programs to function properly:

* `7za`: To extract 7z files

.. include:: HISTORY.rst


Our code is maintained on Wikimedia's `Gerrit installation `_,
`learn `_ how to get

.. include:: CODE_OF_CONDUCT.rst