Charles Reid


This is the webpage of Dr. Charles Reid.




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Average Rubik's Cube Time: 1:10



Average Rubik's Revenge Time: 4:15



Friend Key: 1154591_8uh1saqQnYmi05JVkGSaJacXwEerBSFB



Areas of professional experience:

Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Data Engineering: Turning Data Into Knowledge.

Chemical Reactor Modeling, Industrial Process Control.

Scientific Software, Code Verification, Validation & Uncertainty Quanification.

Machine Learning for Industrial and Engineering Applications.

Python, Java, Git, Bash, Perl, Matlab, C++, Doxygen.

Open Science, Better Technical Communication.


Areas of experimentation:

Keras, TensorFlow, Neural Networks, Facial Recognition.

Electronics, SDR, Ham Radio, Wireless.

Unix, Networking, Computer Security, Data Pipelines.

Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Microcontrollers.

Building and Using Web APIs, Web Apps, Bots, Spiders, Data Harvesters, and Scrapers.

Geographic Information Systems, Maps with Javascript, Map Visualizations.

Breaking Down Concepts Into Simple Enough Terms That Five Year Olds Can Understand Me.


Really, Everything Is On The Wiki: