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the wiki is a compilation of reading material, notes, scripts, logs, guides, lecture notes, and scattered thoughts.

gitea: is where all of my code projects are hosted. gitea is a self-hosted github clone written in go.

github: @charlesreid1

follow my coding work on github.

the game of life

the game of life on

rubik's cube/rubik's revenge/professor's cube notes

current cube solve times:
3x3 rubik's cube: 1:10
4x4 rubik's revenge: 3:45
5x5 professor's cube: 9:50

charlesreid1 blog

occasional blog, notes on math, research, and teaching topics.

provides static hosting space for projects. is a self-hosted, push-to-deploy Gihtub Pages/Heroku-like service.

provides static hosting space for my bot projects.


Github Heroku attack rabbits allow you to add a Github OAuth authentication step in front of a Heroku app, to control access to content. Beware of attack rabbits!

apollo space junk bot flock

tweeting Apollo radio chatter forever

paradise lost bot flock

tweeting John Milton's Paradise Lost forever

ginsberg bot flock

tweeting Allen Ginsberg poems forever docker pod

the technology stack for running a containerized

rainbow mind machine

a framework for running twitter bot flocks


Dr. Reid's Patented Git-Commit-Ectomy will remove painful and problematic commits from your history forever.

how do i pelican?

a short guide to getting going with pelican, a Python static content generator.


a short guide to getting going with pandoc, the Swiss army knife of documents.


don't sudo pip - it's insanely dangerous!



Project Euler


Friend Key: 1154591_8uh1saqQnYmi05JVkGSaJacXwEerBSFB


Project Euler on Wiki



More About Me


Areas of professional experience:

Data Acquisition, Data Analysis, Data Engineering: Turning Data Into Knowledge.

Chemical Reactor Modeling, Industrial Process Control.

Scientific Software, Code Verification, Validation & Uncertainty Quanification.

Machine Learning for Industrial and Engineering Applications.

Python, Java, Git, Bash, Perl, Matlab, C++, Doxygen.

Open Science, Better Technical Communication.


Areas of experimentation:

Keras, TensorFlow, Neural Networks, Facial Recognition.

Electronics, SDR, Ham Radio, Wireless.

Unix, Networking, Computer Security, Data Pipelines.

Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Microcontrollers.

Building and Using Web APIs, Web Apps, Bots, Spiders, Data Harvesters, and Scrapers.

Geographic Information Systems, Maps with Javascript, Map Visualizations.

Breaking Down Concepts Into Simple Enough Terms That Five Year Olds Can Understand Me.


Really, Everything Is On The Wiki: