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Caturday, January 1, 2016

Summary of Yesterday


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Project X

[[Todo/Project X]]

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Free Wargames Rules:

  • huge list of different tabletop/miniature wargames and links to PDFs with rules

Using git filter-branch to re-author commits:

  • summary: article covering how to rewrite old commits so that they are signed with a PGP key
  • bonus: discovering that authors and committers are different entities in a git commit
  • covers multiple options of git filter-branch

Albert Hertzog:

De Klerk labeled the verkrampte Afrikaner as follows: "...He wants to lead us to rigidity; wants to exclude us from a new world; is a negativist. Also, he is ruled by the need to criticize. He is creative in his ability to sow distrust; hardened in the handling of one-sided slogans to generate witch hunts everywhere; accomplished in the technique of quibbling. He is without consideration and mercy, unwilling to converse, fanatic and extremist to enforce his opinion on a matter. He wants to forcefully push our youth into one-sidedness; haughty, stubborn self-preservation."