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Existing Bots

Expand the apollospacejunk and thisiswatergate bots.

The apollospacejunk bots generate lots of dialogue - make an interactive page where you can watch a conversation unfold, dialogue boxes, messenger app.

  • Basically ready to go.
  • Existing page has a nice style, easy to retrofit to new application:
  • Requires some styling for text boxes, that's about it.
    • Generate N conversations daily in batch, put them on rotation.
    • (On the one hand, impatience and instantaneous wants, on the other, long periods with nothing. Compromise is to let user generate new conversations, but that would swamp it.)

The watergate bot: typewriter, animated tape rolling loop, scrolling dialogue

  • Needs improvement, needs cleanup.
  • Needs more transcripts/tapes.

phone app, text message menu, call in and hear a watergate tape recording.

New Bots

Rick and Morty Bot

construct a phrase graph based on edit distance, and pick a chain based on a funny phrase, and fire away.


  • A list of tinysubervsion projects:
    • image/multimedia widgets,
    • simple ideas, with multiple variables and so multiple varieties of things emerging. the boring ones are the formulas that don't give you much variation or anything novel.

elements to work in:

  • sources of randomness
  • instrumentation and data collection
  • physical devices interacting with the real world
  • not "just another twitter bot" - although that is one of the easiest ways of creating an interactive bot that people can easily find
  • otherwise your bot is just sitting there in cyberspace, all alone, who even knows about it


  • apollo - radio transmission recordings (mp3s), flight logs, photos, measurements, words of the crew


NIST special publication on security controls and assessment procedures for federal information systems and organizations

Blog Bot

A bot that continually blogs using Jekyll and/or Wordpress, automatically posts updated random spewings to Github page, blog blog blog.


sphinx documentation, with something like the git documentation autogenerator

Lorem Ipsum

Lorem ipsum generator



Procedural text generation with NLTK

  • NLTK allows you to string together sentences that are nonsense.
  • Queneau generation strings together dialogue that make perfect sense, but lines are lifted verbatim from the source.
  • Trying to edit generated text to fit a story. Or, given a story, creating text specifically for that story. Latter of the two seems better.


  • Dialogue is generated from Queneau generator - you can get a very specific style of dialogue, get that rich, real dialogue - perfect for rewriting to make a little more sense in context.
  • Can you then turn that into a scene?

Hamlet Sans Words

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