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The Dominic System is a way of associating numbers with images, actions, and places, allowing you to turn a string of numbers into a story or an image.

Each letter is associated with a digit:

  • O - 0
  • A - 1
  • B - 2
  • C - 3
  • D - 4
  • E - 5
  • S - 6
  • G - 7
  • H - 8
  • N - 9

The challenge with the Dominic System is coming up with, and memorizing, the 100 associations of 00-99. The letters are associated with the numbers in a very intuitive way - all the number/letter combinations are either the corresponding letter of the alphabet, or as with 6 and 9, sound-based letters sssssix and nnnnnnnine.


As an example, you can associate the number 01 with the letters OA. Suppose your private Dominic System associates OA with OAtmeal, specifically the guy on the Quaker OAts box. Then you can string together a sequence of numbers, and if it begins with 01, the "story" will start with the Quaker OAts guy.


The Only List You Need

This site has some really, really long lists of people. It's pretty great:

Add a query with the initials by tacking on a ?q=XX:

Helpful lists





Less helpful, less organized

Big ol' database of 40,000 people:

Some resources to help in finding names to associate with letters:

Some single examples:

CSV file from is here: File:DominicSystem.csv