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GNS3 is a virtual network appliance for simulating software-defined networks. This is a cheap way of setting up a big network testbed to prepare for certifications like the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert).


Download GNS3 from their site (need to register first):

If I understand correctly, you can either run GNS3 on your local machine (standalone), only requiring the GNS3 Mac/Linux installer, or you can run it in tandem with a virtual machine to simplify and standardize the interface, in which case, you need to also have a VMWare/VirtualBox image.

Detailed instructions here. Basically you need to download your OS's installer, and then download the virtual network appliance.

The version numbers of the files should match; for example:

  • GNS3-1.5.4.dmg

Documentation Links

GNS3 virtual machine documentation

GNS3 mac documentation