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This page is an attempt at a git-awesome list: comprehensive list of resources related to Git. I have made a note of items that are particularly helpful to learning git or developing git abstractions.

To start with, there's GitHub's list of resources:

And awesome-git:

Books and Ebooks


Title Author Publisher Notes
Pro Git Chacon and Straub Apress The Doorstop
Git Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach Gajda Apress
Git In Practice McQuaid Manning The Hand-Basket Book
Learn Git in a Month of Lunches Rick Umail Manning
Version Control with Git: Powerful tools and techniques for collaborative software development Loelinger and McCullough O'Reilly The Bat Book
Git for Teams Emma Jane Hogbin Westby O'Reilly
Introducing GitHub: A Non-Technical Guide Bell and Beer O'Reilly The Chameleon Book
Github Dawson, Straub, O'Brien O'Reilly Forthcoming
Git Essentials Santacroce Packt
Git Version Control Cookbook Olsson and Voss Packt
Git: Version Control for Everyone Somasundaram Packt
Pragmatic Version Control Using Git Swicegood Pragmatic Bookshelf
Pragmatic Guide to Git Swicegood Pragmatic Bookshelf May be same as above, but not sure.
Git Distilled Bell Addison Wesley
Distributed Version Control with Git: Mastering the Git command line Vogel Vogella


Title Author Publisher Notes
Learn Version Control with Git: A step-by-step course for the complete beginner Günther Amazon Digital Services
Essential Git: Introduction to Git Basics for Beginners Paranj Amazon Digital Services
Introduction to Git-flow: A Git Workflow and Development Model Weed Amazon Digital Services
Practical Git Go2Group Amazon Digital Services
Git: Questions and Answers Duckett Amazon Digital Services
What Is Git?! Ahmadpanah CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Learning the Git Bash Shell Hanna CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Web Tutorials

These should be split up by audience.

Name Author Link Notes
Code School - Try Git This is a fantastic interactive way to learn git. Using an interactive webapp really sharpens your mental model and your intuition about git.
Learn Git Branching Peter Cottle Another really fantastic interactive webapp for learning git. Can't stress this enough - webapps are fantastic for use as education tools. Use them!
git - the simple guide - no deep shit
Getting Git Right: Tutorials This tutorial is a good all-around introduction to git, and the section on Collaborating (link) is particularly helpful. It stands out for a couple of reasons: simple language, an abundant use of simple figures, and including a discussion of each command. Figures aren't cluttered, and show one idea at a time. The use of color in the diagrams greatly enhances it.
Git Magic Multilingual
CodeSchool: Git Similar to GitHub link above, not sure what the difference is.
Pro Git Book Website Chacon and Straub The contents of this book are available online, in multiple book formats.
A Git Primer Daniel Miessler
Git Immersion
Git Koans Steve Losh
Git How To
How To Use Git Digital Ocean
How To Use Git and GitHub Udacity
Git for Computer Scientists
Git Ready
Think Like (a) Git
Team Treehouse: Git Basics
Git-SVN Crash Course (for SVN users)
Git It
Understanding Git Conceptually
Rewriting History with Git Rebase, Reset, and Amend
Git from the Bottom Up
Using Git-Flow to Automate Your Git Branching Workflow
How to get started with Git and work with Git Remote Repo
Introduction to Git Pluralsight
Using Git to Manage a Website Abhijit Menon-Sen
A Successful Git Branching Model Vincent Driessen
Git Extraction: Abusing Version Control Systems
Git for Administrators
Ry's Git Tutorial
Working With Git Sense
Git Articles David Winterbottom
Forking the Git rtCamp
Got Git? Getting More Out of Your Github Repositories Code4Lib
Getting Started with Git CDIPS
The VisualOps Book: git Visual Ops
Giving In to Git(Hub)

Git Koans
Git Reddit
When In Git (Tumblr)

Video Tutorials

Name Author Link Notes
Git for Ages 4 and Up This video was the beginning of having everything really click with my understanding of how git works under the hood and how to utilize it effectively. The tinker toys help!
Github Training and Guides Nice video collection from Github that introduces some nice features of both git and github. Can be confusing for new users, who don't always know when certain functionality is specific to git or to github.