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Google command line (googlecl) provides a command-line utility interface for using various Google services.


Mac OS X

To install Googlecl on Mac OS X, you'll need to

Download Google command line from

$ python install --prefix=/path/to/googlecl/install



You can get help with google command line by running:

$ google help
Welcome to the Google CL tool!
  Commands are broken into several parts: 
    service, task, options, and arguments.
  For example, in the command
      "> picasa post --title "My Cat Photos" photos/cats/*"
  the service is "picasa", the task is "post", the single
  option is a title of "My Cat Photos", and the argument is the 
  path to the photos.

  The available services are 
'picasa', 'blogger', 'youtube', 'docs', 'contacts', 'calendar'
  Enter "> help <service>" for more information on a service.
  Or, just "quit" to quit.

You can get help on particular googlecl commands by running:

$ google help calendar
Available tasks for service calendar: 'add', 'list', 'today', 'delete'
 add: Add event to a calendar
  Requires: none Optional: cal Arguments: QUICK_ADD_TEXT

 list: List events on a calendar
  Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query, date, cal

 today: List events for the next 24 hours
  Requires: delimiter Optional: title, query, cal

 delete: Delete event from a calendar
  Requires: (title OR query) Optional: date, cal