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Lecture material:

  • History & Today
  • Acronyms
  • Characteristics
  • Compiling
  • Running
  • Documentation


Start with Java history

  • Why Java was invented
  • Inspiration came from universal "virtual machine" idea
  • Location/companies/people
  • Evolution of Java over time

Characteristics/Java Today

  • Noun based object oriented programming language - everything is an object
  • Programmers today have many more languages to choose from
  • Java is a standby but important to know advantages and disadvantages
  • Oracle owns the Java language

Aconyms Galore

  • J2SE
  • J2ME
  • J2EE
  • JVM
  • JRE


  • What does Java come with? Huge and extensive API.


  • Java is a compiled language
  • Compiling basic hello world program from command line
  • Compiling basic hello world program from IDE
  • Most people use IDE
  • External libraries with Jar files, won't go into Java project management


  • Compiler converts Java code into universal Java bytecode, same on every device
  • Java byecode is run by the JVM; JVM is different on each device


  • Oracle owns Java, meaning they control it, but Java source code has been released
  • Oracle maintains control of Java source code, and maintains documentation for Java
  • Catch-all place to go for information about Java

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