From charlesreid1

An enumeration of the things I don't like about Java.

typing in general

Not necessarily Java-specific, but using a typed language is like wearing a stuffy outfit with a too-tight collar - the compiler.

generic object templating

Trying to do one of the simplest operations imaginable: given a set of integers, find a duplicate.

Link to code:

To implement one of the solutions, you have to take the integers passed in and use them to access another array.

Oh, no. Java will have none of that.

  • Problems begin with just the very act of initializing data. This is your first warning.
  • Can we do Arrays.asList(1,2,3,3)? Nope.
  • Also, we can use generics <T> - but, not in a static context.
  • Also, we can define static methods that take a generic type <T>. But no arrays T[].
  • To way to initialize an all-zeros list of Integers.
  • No way to convert any primitive types to wrappers in one go.
  • No way to convert from PT int[] to Object type Integer[]

Java is like the language that keeps giving, and then saying, "but there's a catch."