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goals with using github:

  • visibility
  • convenience
  • open access
  • utility for own coding
  • teaching habits
  • practicing habits

Hello World:

  • don't want to bloat it, but could be useful for showing how to run a unit test, etc.


  • Good for visibility
  • Harder to organize, not as good for the habits goal - harder to control code base
  • Purpose? Quick dashboard? Interesting data set?
  • What can you teach? What forum, for what purpose?

Nice example:

on the stack

next up


  • What topic?
  • Focus - focus on something of interest to me
  • Let the application and the learning and the finished product be the end


  • Science topic
  • Census data
  • Sensor data

hello world repository

What's to be done:

  • basic differential equation solver

What's Done:

  • Link:
  • http get, http server
  • Added new languages: Go, Perl, Awk, Matlab, Java, etc.
  • Date script for multiple languages
  • Good start so far
  • Add compilation instructions (how to install compilers on various machines)
  • next step for hello world: add hello world web server
  • add math function (pi approximation, ode implementation)


Nosecleaner would be useful for UGR projects:

As would wifi-data:

the attic

stuff that really ought not be dusted off: Attic repositories