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Chapter 2: Graphs

Chapter 2: Graphs

  • Distance/Midpoint formulas
  • Graphs of equations in 2 variables
  • Lines

Section 2.1: Distance and Midpoint Formulas

Finding distance between two points

Pythagorean theorem

Distance formula

Using algebra to solve geometry problems

Finding midpoint of line segment

Section 2.2: Intercepts, Symmetry, Graphs with 2 Variables

Determine whether a point is on the graph of an equation

Graphing equation by plotting points

Graphing equation by plotting points

Finding intercepts from graph

Finding intercepts from equation

Points symmetric wrt x-axis

Points symmetric wrt y-axis

Points symmetric wrt origin

Testing equation for symmetry

Graphing y=x3 by finding intercepts, checking symmetry, plotting points

Graphing x=y2

Graphing y = 1/x

Section 2.3: Lines

Calculate and interpret slope of line

Find interpret slope of line given two points

Find slope of various lines containing same point

Graph a line given a point and a slope

Graph a line

Using the point-slope formula of a line

Finding the equation of a horizontal line

Finding equation of a line given two points

Finding slope and y-intercept

Graphing equation in general form using intercepts

Showing that two lines are parallel

Finding line that is parallel to given line

Finding equations of perpendicular lines

Finding slope and equation of line perpendicular to a given line

Chapter 2 Objectives

Section 2.1:

  • Use the distance formula
  • Use the midpoint formula

Section 2.2:

  • Graph equations by plotting points
  • Find intercepts from a graph
  • Find intercepts from an equation
  • Test an equation for symmetry with respect to the x-axis, the y-axis, and the origin
  • Know how to graph key equations

Section 2.3:

  • Calculate and interpret the slope of a line
  • Graph lines given a point and a slope
  • Find the equation of a vertical line
  • Use the point-slope form of a line
  • Write equation of a line given two points, identify horizontal lines
  • Write equation of a line in slope-intercept form
  • Identify slope and y-intercept of line from its equation
  • Graph lines written in general form using intercepts
  • Find equations of parallel lines
  • Write equations of perpendicular lines