From charlesreid1

2x2 Pocket Cube

My experience solving the 2x2 cube came when I realized that a 4x4 could be mixed in a way that would mimic the 2x2. From there I started working on solving the 2x2.


Solution Procedure

The solution procedure is basically:

  • Solve the bottom layer (bottom 4 cubies)
  • Get one corner piece's colors correct (mis-oriented ok)
  • Get second corner piece's colors correct (mis-oriented ok)
  • If only 2 pieces have colors oriented correctly, use algorithm to swap two other pieces
  • Use algorithm to re-orient the positions (basically, same as final step of 3x3)

Solving the Bottom Layer

The 2x2 has a few patterns that can be applied from larger cubes, starting with the bottom.

In the process of solving the 3x3 using the beginners method, you start by solving the cross on the bottom, and then by moving the corners into place. The moves that help with moving the corners into place are useful in forming the bottom 4 cubies of the pocket cube - you basically have a cross-less cross.

So, solving the bottom layer of the 2x2 is largely intuitive.

Orienting Corners

Case 1: Two corners ok

Case 2: Three corners ok