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This page contains worksheets related to various topics.



Each of these worksheets, and each particular topic, can fairly easily be tailored to the content of a particular class. (Consists of finding an aspect of the problem and boiling it down.)

Teaching them the pattern - you learn an abstract concept, you're confronted with a problem, you apply your new concept (together with everything you know up to this point)

Teach them the name of the game in engineering - be ready to use everything you know for creative, outside-the-box problem-solving

The greater your diversity of tools, the more prepared you are to come up with ideas (increase raw material)

Engineering design process and engineering design thinking should be weaved into each worksheet.

Calculus II

Worksheets/Archimdes Dont Disturb My Circles

  • area, volume, surface area
  • sphere and cylinder shapes
  • geometric thinking

Worksheets/Simpsons Rule

  • numerical integration
  • approximating the area under a curve
  • spreadsheet formulas

Worksheets/Civil Engineering Road Planning

  • Civil engineering application of Simpson's Rule
  • Building a highway going through a town
  • Cross-sectional design of highway - arc length, volume, centroids

Worksheets/Eulers Method Circuits

  • electrical circuit
  • Solving a differential equation
  • Different right-hand sides, different time steps

Calc III

Worksheet/Infinite Series Convergence

  • convergence of an infinite series
  • implementation of calculations of a series in a for loop
  • introductory programming topic: for loops


Ideas for topics for worksheets:

Worksheet/Hanford B Reactor

Worksheets/Poynting Vector and Electromagnetics


Motors, motor currents, motor control

insect populations - logistic equation, chemical treatment, population dynamics equations

insect motion and dynamics, work, force, energy - insect drones, batteries

droplets, slow motion, aerosols, force balances

piston cylinder systems, integrating ideal gas law

solid mechanics, rotational forces, warped CD drive, slow motion

arc length calculation

root-finding using midpoint method

studying convergence of series sum_{1}^{infty} 1/n^2 = pi^2/6

Insect drones: mass, power, force, work, distance, batteries

Feedback and control systems (1D control problems?)

Rocket propellant, P dV, casing and curing and consistency and chemistry

Apple power supply teardowns, plus high voltage, power transmission, etc.