From charlesreid1

@apollo11junk is a twitter bot account. It generates fake Apollo 11 radio chatter.

How It Works

@apollo11junk is written in Python and uses the python-twitter module. (Pydoc documentation for the module is available here.)

This is then hooked into the Olipy library, which is an "artistic text-generation" library. It uses the TextBlob library for natural language processing (NLP) tasks, and Queneau assembly for assembling coherent text at the sentence level.

Olipy then generates the fake Apollo 11 radio chatter using, as a raw data source, the (fascinating) radio transcripts from the Apollo 11 Flight Journal and Apollo 11 Surface Journal.

Thanks Leonardr!

This is all possible thanks to the efforts of leonardr (GitHub) in making the Olipy library, with which this twitter bot was up and running in a whopping 20 minutes. The magic is all leonardr. I just plugged stuff in.