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(For instructions on setting up a DNS server, see Linux/DNS).

Why do I have a whole page dedicated to DNS?

Well, DNS is important. Tracking people's DNS queries provides you a record of what sites they are visiting, based on their IP addresses. It's important to understand where your DNS queries are going, who might be seeing them, and who might be storing them (to, say, hand over to three-letter government agencies when they ask nicely).

This is why the WikiLeaks wiki has a page on DNS:

Setting DNS

In Linux, the DNS servers that a computer uses to look up website names and turn them into IP addresses are listed in the file /etc/resolv.conf

Debian Linux with NetworkManager

Notes on network settings in Debian, from the Debian Wiki:

NetworkManager kept changing my resolv.conf to be whatever it automatically obtained from my gateway (my home router), which unfortunately was a DNS I did NOT want to use.

To fix this, I had to modify the NetworkManager settings for my ethernet device. Here's a script to walk you through that process:

# Fix the DNS settings

echo ""
echo "----------------"
echo ""
echo "Step 1) Find your connection in the list and click Edit."
echo "Step 2) Click the IPv4 Settings tab."
echo "Step 3) Choose Automatic (DHCP) Addresses Only instead of just Automatic (DHCP)"
echo "Step 4) Enter DNS servers in DNS Servers field, separated by spaces."
echo ""
echo "          OpenDNS:"
echo "    "
echo "    "
echo ""
echo "          Cisco"
echo "    "
echo "    "
echo "    "

nm-connection-editor &> /dev/null

This prints out the steps, then runs the NetworkManager connection editor to allow you to update the settings of your particular network interface.

If you're using multiple network interfaces (e.g., a wired interface and a wireless interface) and want to use the same DNS for all of them, edit them one-at-a-time.

Using PiHole DNS Server

See Ubuntu/Bespin/PiHole for details on setting up a PiHole docker container to act as a system DNS server.

Metasploit DNS Recon

Tricks for DNS recon and information-gathering using Metasploit: