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When using OpenVPN, it's a good idea to disable IPv6. If you don't, you'll either need to configure OpenVPN to carry IPv6 traffic, or your computer will be leaking all your traffic and bypassing the VPN when a site you visit has IPv6 enabled.

This will lead to sites like seeing your native IPv6 IP address, and traffic to other sites passing back and forth in the clear.

No good, Joe!

Disabling IPv6

To disable IPv6, you follow instructions similar to the ones on the DNS page, for setting DNS servers for a particular network interface. Except while you're entering the DNS settings, you can ALSO disable IPv6.

Here's a script with instructions, that then runs the NetworkManager connection editor:

$ cat 

# Fix the IPv6 settings

echo ""
echo "----------------"
echo ""
echo "Step 1) Find your connection in the list and click Edit."
echo "Step 2) Click the IPv6 Settings tab."
echo "Step 3) Choose IGNORE from the drop-down menu"
echo ""

nm-connection-editor &> /dev/null