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Mo Kali Mo Problems


As usual, my adventure with Kali began with wireless debugging. This time, the method to raise the wireless cards online had changed.

Kali 2.0/Wireless Debugging

Wireless Packet Injection Test

I had to go through the packet injection testing again, and between Kali 1 and Kali 2 something changed that broke the ability of one wireless card to do packet injection.

Aircrack/Packet Injection Testing

WPA Cracking

Next, I was trying to revisit Aircrack/WPA Cracking without success. I had not backed up my pcap files, and had lost the ones I used in my example, so I was starting from scratch to reproduce my examples with my home network.

At this point I was scratching my head.

Problems with John

I also ran into problems with Aircrack and John the Ripper, again because something had changed between Kali 1 and Kali 2, and the system version of John the Ripper could no longer send password guesses to stdout.


Don't worry, we found some solutions.

Wireless Solutions

The page with wireless debugging notes has a solution to the wireless problems, which is actually a more convenient way to bring devices off and online:

$ ifconfig wlan0 stop
$ macchanger -r wlan0 # optional
$ iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor
$ ifconfig wlan0 start

Kali 2.0/Wireless Debugging

Packet Injection Solutions

The solution to the wireless card that could no longer do packet injection was: recycle. It works for wireless - just not for packet injection.

Got a TP Link wireless card, since every team at the Defcon 23 Wireless Capture the Flag had at least one.

John Solutions

Wasn't until tomorrow that I would figure out the problem with John. The solution? Install my own John the Ripper from source!

Kali 2.0/John the Ripper

Kali 2015-08-18