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Installing a wireless network tap involves the attacker placing a physical device between the target and the network device they're trying to communicate with.

Just as a phone tap is a physical bug installed on a phone line, and an ethernet tap is a physical device with two ethernet ports physically on the network, a wireless tap is a physical device with a wireless connection to both the attacker and their authentic network device (the router, modem, etc.)


Wired-Wireless Configuration

This involves creating a wireless access point, plus a corresponding network tap device, on the attacker's machine. The attacker can then bridge the network tap and the ethernet device, and bridge the two devices. In this way, when a sheep connects to the access point all of their traffic will be forwarded through the access point, allowing a MITM attack to occur.

Wireless-Wireless Configuration

In this configuration you're bridging two wireless devices to create a wireless network tap. This is gonna be slow...

Wired-Wireless Configuration


To set this up we need three things:

1. be able to turn wireless device into an access point with airbase-ng

2. bridge network traffic from wireless ap to ethernet

3. sniff

Wireless Access Point

We can create a wireless access point with our wireless card by using airbase-ng.

We specify the MAC address and ESSID of the resulting access point.

$ airbase-ng -a <MAC for our access point> -c <channel> -e 'testing' wlan5

Now we can take a look at the available networks on the Sheep, and we'll see "testing" show up as an unencrypted wireless network.

Our hapless sheep is enthralled by the prospect of free wifi, so the sheep connects.

Network Bridge