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Goodrich Data Structures and Algorithms - Trees

As with prior chapters and topics in the two version of the Goodrich book, Python and Java, there is a difference in the treatment - and as before, I prefer the Python textbook's treatment, but I used Java as the language of implementation.

The common thread of both versions of this chapter, the Python and Java versions, is that the material becomes more advanced, incorporating object oriented principles alongside the data structure concepts. This allows simpler concepts learned in prior chapters to be made reusable, and connected to the more advanced concepts that can be found in places like the Collections framework.


The Python treatment focuses on the "Template Method Pattern" - the idea that you can find a generalized computation mechanism that can be specialized for a particular application through a series of "hooks".


The Java class concepts are focused more on the (frankly, nonsense) interfaces for Positions and Nodes, which ended up taking an excessive amount of time to properly implement, were quite confusing, etc. Waste of time. Hmm...