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The Overall Plan

We started this year's reading without much preparation, unlike Ulysses/2016.

Ulysses RedPathBluePath.png

February 11

As mentioned above, we didn't do much prep, just jumped straight into Chapter 6, Ulysses/Hades. This is one of our favorite chapters. We listened to the Naxos audio book, and for some parts we had a copy of Ulysses open while we listened, copying quotes and passages that stood out to us on the Ulysses/Hades page.

A few key phrases stand out from the carriage ride - "trenchant rendering," "that Mulligan cad," "be good to Athos, Leopold." A few memorable moments in the conversation - the discovery of bread crumbs, Bloom attempting to tell Simon Daedalus a joke and being talked over, the moment when the topic of suicide comes up and only one of the three other occupants knows that Bloom's father committed suicide.

The whole chapter is most memorable for the visual imagery it provokes - the carriage ride, which gives us a tour of Dublin, and the funeral itself, which introduces many characters and gives us a glimpse of customs around death and funerals.

February 13

Going through the same process, but with Ulysses/Lestrygonians. Filling in the page with quotes, themes, notes, etc.

Split the quotes into parts, corresponding to the audio book.

February 16

Making the chapter pages all consistent. Adding links to Yale Modernism/Michael Groton Ulysses pages. Adding a page for different words.


February 17

Making our way through Ulysses/Wandering Rocks

February 19

Working backwards... back to Ulysses/Lestrygonians... with the Gifford Annotated Ulysses, adding in a few cross notes here and there.

March 3

Charting the blue path and the red path

March 6

Joyce/Lost Notebook

March 9


March 10


March 13