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Chapter 12 Cyclops

Gilbert Schema

Scene: The Tavern

Hour: 5 PM

Organ: Muscle

Symbol: Fenian

Art: Politics

Technic: Gigantism


Odysseus story of Cyclops, conflict and contention, raw and smelly, unpleasant, dangerous.

Loss of vision, herds of sheep, animals, brutes, narrow escapes, positive endings.


Part 1 - I was just passing the time of day

Part 2 - So we turned into Barney Kiernan's

Part 3 - So anyhow Terry brought the three pints

Part 4 - In the darkness spirit hands were felt

Part 5 - So they started talking about capital punishment

Part 6 - The last farewell was affecting in the etxreme

Part 7 - So the citizen begins talking

Part 8 - So Bob Doran comes lurching around

Part 9 - Talking about violent exercise

Part 10 - Did you see that bloody lunatic Breen

Part 11 - Those are nice things

Part 12 - As treeless as Portugal

Part 13 - But says Bloom isn't discipline

Part 14 - And I belong to race too

Part 15 - So anyhow when I got back

Part 16 - And at the sound of the sacring bell

Part 17 - And begob he got as far as the door


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