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This page contains notes related to an undergraduate research project during the Winter 2016 quarter at South Seattle College.

Communication Channels

Person-to-person communication primarily via email

Group communication primarily via slack

Sharing code and files via Github, Github Gists, and Slack

Current Goals

Current goal:

  • periodic CSV file dump from airomon-ng
  • load CSV file and parse with Python
  • turn CSV data into SQL data, populate SQL db with raw data
  • post-processing with Python (pylab)
  • analysis with Python (pylab)

Documentation of Steps


  • Demo - demonstration of some of the basic pieces - aircrack, monitor mode, and sql
  • Experiment1 - some scripts to prep for experiment 1
  • Experiment2 - setting up pi to do capture when Pi is plugged in.



Code related to this project can be found at the Github code page:

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