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Task list for January:

planning stages


2018/January/Notes Repositories

data engineering

Data engineering scenarios

  • Basic workflow, dealing with large amounts of data and doing machine learning on it
  • See also: Google Cloud/Review


Network data

  • Overarching goal
  • Gather data
  • Analyze trends
  • Create data sets
  • Data engineering: gathering data process, analysis process, modeling process data

  • Logs
  • Network traffic
  • Loading
  • Pages
  • Processes

2018/January/Data Engineering



  • 2 TB hard drive (ordered)
  • Debian (100 gb windows)
  • Kali via persistent live usb configured for Jupiter

Live USB problems:

  • Not persistent with preferences (keyboard)
  • Logging, code, scripts onboard.
  • Kali/Persistent USB


  • Charlesreid1 connection
  • Anonymous layer PIA on dropbear
  • Anonymous browsing notes, Privoxy, &c.


  • netdata
  • network traffic


  • MITMf
  • SSLStrip
  • urlsnarf, mailsnarf, etc - WOSIAB

General thread of things:

  • MITM
  • Windows exploits
  • Payload generation
  • Remote shells
  • C&C
  • Metasploitable, etc.

Git repos:

  • Setting up network testbed and instrumentation (W?)
  • Scripts for executing different attacks, etc.
  • Dropbear scripts - new org? kali?

raspberry pi

Widget. LCD/lights/something.

Wireless weatherproof IP camera?

in progress

mon jan 15


master git repos

blog posts

  • Blog posts:
    • Knuth permutation generation
    • 4x4 Rubik's Cube: Part 1: Representations
    • 4x4 Rubik's Cube: Part 2: Permutations
    • 4x4 Rubik's Cube: Part 3: Cycles
    • Bots (RMM, Queneau)
    • Google Data Engineering Certification blog post and notes highlights
    • Data engineering scenario rollouts


Genealogy photos:

  • Photos cropped/organized by family
    • 2011
    • 2017
    • Rename scheme
    • Notes document initialized
  • Send email to fam with link on Dropbox


  • Pauline and Bruce chapters
  • Historical research planning


project euler

  • Project Euler:
    • Project Euler: Problem 172
    • Clean up problems 52-67

Project Euler/172

rubiks cube

2018/January/Rubiks Cube

desk reorg

Reorganize and rearrange desk

  • Move book boxes to room, move table from room to main area
  • Consolidate plastic tubs
  • Computer lab - 2 laptops + desktop
  • Switch to dropbear as the main router

master git repos

Create master repo for each organization - each repo in org as a submodule


  • Tripos bot
    • Work out small page latex
    • Get questions into latex format
    • Script to compile latex to pdf, Imagemagick latex to jpg
    • Create Rainbow Mind Machine bot
    • Create Twitter account
    • Authenticate
    • Set up and run on Rojo
    • Debug - it's just not tweeting.
  • Apollo Bot
    • Fix lengths of dialogue per speaker
    • Make lengths of dialogue per speaker a parameter/variable for function/library in rainbow mind machine
    • Get back online
  • Milton Bot
    • Seems okay... but still having some permission problem
    • Problem was, could not access keys, b/c not run from correct directory.
    • Need to fix
    • Get back online
  • Ginsberg Bot
    • Seems okay, but permission problem (see above)
    • Get back online

Tripos Bot



  • jupiter/rojo, maya/cronus, basilisk/morpheus, thing1/thing2
  • lite/vanilla/docker

dotfile submodules/organization:

  • one repo per machine (or machine "class") - debian, mac, kali, raspberry pi
  • organization over convenience - not as much sharing because generally static/fixed

debian deployment:

  • rojo copy dotfile changes over to debian repo
  • rojo apply changes, ensure nothing broken
  • jupiter apply changes, ensure nothing broken

mac deployment:

  • copy dotfiles from debian
  • copy python from debian
  • apply changes, ensure nothing broken

kali deployment:

rpi deployment:

install scripts: