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Main repo:

Installing kali-tools


You'll need a few python tools to run kali-tools:

$ pip3 install --upgrade --user beautifulsoup4 html5lib

Git repo

To install kali-tools, check out the repo:

git clone
cd kali-tools

Installing a package

Run the program and use the interface to explore packages by category:


or, pass it the name of a particular package:

python3 wifite

Building a package

The kali-tools script will only check out the repository from corresponding to the particular package you requested.

Most of the packages are written in C or C++ or some other language and must be compiled; if this is the case, the repository will provide a debian/ directory containing all of the materials needed to create a .deb package and install it through aptitude.

Some of the packages are simply standalone scripts (bash or Python or other), and these are not meant to be installed - they can simply be run in-place (and optionally, their location added to your $PATH).

Also see Debian Directory.

Building .deb files

To build .deb files, change to the directory where the program's files were checked out, which will be dist/package-name.

python3 burpsuite
cd dist/burpsuite

Then issue the following commands to build the .deb file:

dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b

This will build the .deb file using the files in the debian/ folder, and put the .deb file in the parent directory.

Installing .deb files

Once you have built the .deb file with the dpkg-buildpackage command, go up one directory and you should see the .deb file:

cd ../
ls *.deb

Once you're ready to install, use the dpkg -i package-name.deb:

dpkg -i burpsuite_1.7.30-0kali1_all.deb

If you then run the command apt-get install package-name, aptitude should tell you the package is installed:

$ sudo apt-get install burpsuite
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
burpsuite is already the newest version (1.7.30-0kali1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Upgrade to latest version

Last step is to upgrade the package you just installed to the latest version:

$ sudo apt-get upgrade burpsuite

Full List of Packages