From charlesreid1

This scons command is for building/running Cantera 2.1.1 on Ubuntu 12.04.

I put this stuff in a file called

If you have already run scons, then changed your scons command, don't forget to run rm cantera.conf before you try and re-run scons.


scons build \
    prefix=$HOME/main/pkg/cantera/2.1.1 \
    cxx_flags="-fPIC" \
    python_package=new \
    use_sundials=y \
    f90_interface=n \
    build_with_f2c=no \
    sundials_include=$HOME/main/pkg/sundials/2.5.0/include \
    sundials_libdir=$HOME/main/pkg/sundials/2.5.0/lib \
    debug=no \
&& \
scons install