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Cantera is a library for performing thermodynamics and chemical kinetics calculations. It implements much of the bookkeeping functionality that makes solving kinetics problems so tedious, and does so with rigor.

Cantera is a moving target. Since I began making notes on Cantera, it has gone through at least four different build systems, each completely different (autoconf, pybombs, scons, and now spack, with a fork that used cmake). The dependencies have likewise expanded to include boost, eigen, scons, fmt, cython, and numpy. This greatly increases the number of libraries that can potentially break Cantera (see e.g.

All of this means that Cantera is as frustrating as ever to build, and it also means that many pages of notes on this wiki covering Cantera are now obsolete.

Good luck.

Old info:

The pages linked to on this page contain a lot of assorted notes about Cantera. The current version of Cantera, 2.1, broke backwards compatibility, so some of the notes you see will no longer work because they were written for Cantera 2.0. More recently I have made it a point to specify which version of Cantera my notes refer to, so if you don't see any information, you can assume it is for version 2.0.

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