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On The Web

Following is a list of pertinent web resources related to Cantera, and what the page offers:

Doxygen for Cantera -

  • Automatically-generated Doxygen documentation for Cantera

GitHub page for Cantera -

  • Download Cantera 2.0 (beta)
  • Get new and improved documentation

Google Code page for Cantera -

  • Download Cantera 1.8.0 (beta) - source code ONLY
  • Check out a copy of the subversion repository

Google Groups page for Cantera -

  • Download old Cantera documentation (PDF files of formal documentation or of presentations about Cantera)
  • Use the discussion board

Cantera SourceForge Page -

  • Download Cantera 1.7.1, source code or (Windows) binaries
  • Download (more) Cantera documentation


As a TA for the mechanical/chemical engineering combustion course (CHEN 6153) at the University of Utah (2010), I gave a lecture on the installation and use of Cantera.

The lecture notes are here: Cantera Lecture