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Page with instructions on how to install/configure OpenVPN on Kali Linux


This page covers how to install and configure OpenVPN on Kali Linux. There are a few scenarios we cover.


Follow instructions provided by OpenVPN to install:

wget -O
chmod 755
sudo ./

This script will ask you a few questions:

  • Which IPv4 address the OpenVPN server should bind to (depends on situation/goals)
  • Setting public IPv4 address (should be detected automatically)
  • Which protocol, UDP or TCP? (UDP default)
  • Port number to use
  • DNS server to use
  • Client certificate name to use

It will then install some stuff, so grab a beverage.

Tunnel Interface

OpenVPN should have created a tun0 interface. Verify this is the case and get its IP address:

$ ifconfig tun0 | grep inet
        inet   netmask   destination

Startup Service

Getting an OpenVPN network setup to start at boot time is easy. OpenVPN comes with a pre-packaged startup script that will spawn a new OpenVPN tunnel interface for each *.conf file found in /etc/openvpn/. So you just have to enable this startup service:

systemctl enable openvpn


Handle All DNS on the OpenVPN Network

In this scenario, we configure OpenVPN to handle all DNS queries on the OpenVPN network.

Connect to PIA VPN with OpenVPN

In this scenario, we configure OpenVPN to connect to PIA's VPN servers and make our Kali machine a node on the PIA VPN network.

Tunnel hostapd traffic through OpenVPN

In this scenario, we have a wifi hotspot set up with hostapd, and we want to tunnel all traffic from the hotspot through our OpenVPN connection.