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Welcome to the wiki! This wiki contains code, articles, notes, writing, and logs from the various things I've worked on.

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The following page contains my reading list:

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Recent Articles



Radio - Collection of radio-related pages on the wiki

Radio/Digital Modes - digital modes over the radio.

SSTV - slow scan television and related software

General - Notes from studying for general class ham license. UPDATE: passed my general class exam 8/5/2016 at the Defcon 24 ham exams

HackRF/June 2016 - Working on getting the HackRF up and running

Tiny Devices

I experiment with various tiny devices.

OrangePi - a tinier tiny computer.

Widy - portable wireless router, good drop-box for penetration testing

Arduino - projects for Ardunio microcontrollers (morse code, LCD displays, wireless networks, Zigbee/XBee radios, etc.)

RaspberryPi - an extraordinary little device capable of running a full Linux OS. There are pages and pages of projects and notes here.


Worksheets for teaching calculus and engineering concepts.

Notes on OpenSource.


MSF - the metasploit framework

Metasploitable - A virtual machine with multiple built-in vulnerabilities, to learn how to use Metasploit

Linux Networking

Revisiting some basic networking configuration/setup for a project involving ad-hoc wireless networks.

Wifi Data Project

I mentored a group of undergraduate students on a Wi-Fi data project for Winter 2015-Spring 2016 at South Seattle College.


I've usually got some security projects going on.

Kali Linux

Lots of Kali linux related pages.


Building web bots, spiders, scrapers, etc. is a hobby of mine.

  • Bots - contains a summary of different bots that I've built. Mainly twitter bots, but some other bots as well.

Words Words Words

Scrapers are lots of fun. They basically automate interaction with the web, allowing you to programmatically visit pages, extract content, push buttons, submit forms, and so on.

Words Words Words is a scraper/bot that tags word etymologies in Gutenberg e-books. This project used a web scraper to look up word etymologies in an online dictionary, parse the results, and color-code the resulting word based on its root language.


Visit the project web page here:

View the GitHub repository and source code here:


Mainly for Raspberry Pi or other microcomputers, and for internet of things applications.


The site has Flags that are used on various pages. Think of these like a master Table of Contents for a particular set of topics. A list of all flags:

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