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Getting Started


Was able to install this ok with Homebrew

First Project with Python and MongoDB

MongoDB Design Patterns

So far, one of the more useful design patterns I've come up with for MongoDB tables is to always implement tables in pairs: one table to hold data, one table to hold metadata. This allows you to optimize for storage by using shorter keys, numerical codes, etc., but also store the "full name" for that information.

So the data table might contain columns named B150020221, B150020222, etc., with unique values for each row; and the metadata table would contain a list of strings, i.e., B150020221 = "mean of variable 1", B150020222 = "variance of variable 1", etc.

August 2016

Reset with Mongodb, now August 2016, here's what we're doing:

Scapy/Wifi Database - storing wifi data in a MongoDB instance

[1] - to help get going, use Python pymodm module