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Yaesu VX-6

Mic to 2-Audio Adapter

In my attempt to set up a TNC Pi router, I purchased a mic to 2-audio-out jack.


This basically allows the radio to talk to a computer soundcard, and therefore allows the radio to talk to a digital modem.

Setting Up Programming Software

Using Chirp Software (Fail)

Downloaded daily source build of Chirp for Linux.

Built using Python: python build && python install

Ran chirpw, and got a window. Pressed New, and opened a new window.

Radio > Download From Radio

/dev/ttyS0 - it at least waits for the radio to respond, the radio is in TX mode, the computer is in clone/receive mode, but still nothing fires, and it fails.

Not exactly what I want to do anyway.

Using VX-6 Commander Software (Fail)

Guide to setting up VX-6 Commander software for programming the VX-6 radio.

Installing Wine

Start by installing wine:

apt-get install wine

If you're on a 64 bit computer, this will only install 64-bit wine. Some Windows executables are 32 bit, so you'll need to install a 32 bit version of Wine to run those. As root, execute:

dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update && apt-get install -y wine32

This will install about 200 MB of stuff.

Downloading VX-6 Commander

Get it here:

Running VX-6 Commander thru Wine

Big. Fat. Fail.

When I run the installer, the thing runs just like you would want, showing the regular Windows installer interface. You click Next, Next Next, where to install, etc.

Then, during the install process, the program throws an error message: "CoCreateInstance failed; code 0x80040154"

Then another window:


Unable to register the type library; Register TypeLib failed; code 0x800288BD.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.

Retry doesn't work.

Ignore doesn't work.

Abort cancels the installation.

Dead in the water, and not sure what the problem is. Wine? The executable? Configuration for wine? Wrong architecture? Old version of wine? Dunno.