From charlesreid1


On Debian systems:

$ apt-get install -y fldigi

This program is uber powerful, and very complicated. But remember: just keep it simple. You can start out easy, and go from there.


Callsign info

First thing you're asked to do when starting fldigi is to register your callsign and name information.


While the interface is a bit awkward, it is pretty straightforward to figure out what to do. You can type messages into the bottom portion, or click the Macro buttons to insert predefined sequences. Then you right-click on the bottom half of the fldigi window, and click Transmit, and it will start transmitting.

For some dumb reason, you have to manually stop transmission, or it'll just keep an open tone going forever. The stop transmit button is in the bottom right part of the window.

You'll also see that the receiver is very sensitive to what portion of the audio spectrum it is listening to, so if you're off by even a little bit, the received message will be garbled.

PSK31: Fldigi to DroidPSK from charlesreid1 on Vimeo.