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General Class Ham License

General class license: General

Ham Radio Software

Radio/Ham Radio Software

Andy's Ham Radio Linux: Andys Ham Radio Linux

DX Commander list of Linux software:

Guide to Ham Radio on Linux:

BBS over packet:

Long distance radio networks by using TCP/IP over AX.2500: Radio/Large Area Networks


Antenna plans, antenna notes, antenna designs

What is the deal with all of these antenna things, a simple antenna explained



Morse code, writeups explaining morse code, prosigns, practice conversing in morse code

Conversations and shorthand

Radio/CW Prosigns

Radio/CW Conversations



Software-defined radio is a huuuge topic. A few subcategories:

  • Gnuradio
  • Decoding signals
  • Digital modes
  • Digital CW
  • Mobile DX
  • Remote listening/operating

The general sdr page:

SDR Software:

Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Ham radio applications for microcontrollers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi:

Raspberry Pi projects from KO4BB:


Tune into different bands, show different aspects from the Novice, Tech, and General license manuals

Listen in on some code, show what CQ sounds like and pick out aspects of conversations

Tune into particular bands, listen in, use them to illustrate particular topics and explore them.

Continue posting onto Vimeo.

Digital modes

Gradually making progress on uncovering how, exactly, digital modes work.

Radio/Digital Modes

There are multiple digital modes, so I'm learning about each, one at a time.

Large Area Networks

Setting up networks for sensor data acquisition over large distances:

Radio/Large Area Networks

Electronic Circuits

See Category:Circuits for pages on this wiki related to circuits.

Electronics 101:

Electronics 102 - fundamentals of circuit design:


Like antennas - but with power. Explanation of some power supplies and power designs. Basic power supply design. What is this stuff. Etc.


Working HF, different bands, information



Rig Control

Arduino, satellite tracking, etc.

Electronics to control antennas.

Nice page here:

See Radio/Kenwood/TS440S and Radio/Kenwood/TS570S for experiments in interfacing with specific radios using a USB-serial cable.

Micro Ham II USB interface to control radios via their COM ports:

  • NOTE: This appears to be a $150 USB-to-Serial adapter.

Kenwood radio cable schematics:

Hamlib: library for controlling ham radio rigs:

CHIRP: library for controlling ham radio rigs:


Working satellites with ham radio equipment.

Amateur Radio satellite communication 10m: Amateur Satellites