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What Is It

GPRS = General Packet Radio Service

GPRS is a communications network that allows TX/RX of IP packets to external networks (i.e., the internet).

GPRS supports the IP protocol (in practice, IPv4, and not IPv6).

GPRS supports PPP (point to point protocol). If mobile phone is used as modem to connected computer, PPP is used to tunnel IP to the phone. Allows dynamic IP (IPCP, not DHCP) assigned to mobile equipment.

GPRS supports X.25 connections. This is used for wireless payment terminals, but removed from standard. Can still be supported over PPP, or over IP, but requires network-based router for encapsulation, or intelligence built into terminal.

GPRS supports TCP/IP - each phone can have one or more ip addresses allocated, GPRS stores and forwards IP packets. TCP handles packet loss/radio noise.

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