From charlesreid1

Kali Linux keyboard shortcuts:

With the release of Kali Version 2016.1, we saw a big improvement in usability with the launchy-style (quicksilver-style) launcher app. Press the start menu or special key, and you immediately have a launcher app that you can type stuff into.

Can also install a screenshot plugin for gnome - this makes taking screenshots easier, and you can customize screenshot keyboard shortcuts. For example, Special+F2 might be take a screenshot of entire screen, Special+F3 might be take a screenshot of the current window, and Special+F4 might be take a screenshot of the selected area on the screen.

Alt + F10 toggles the maximization state of the current window.

Special Key + 1/2/3/4/5/etc switches focus to the corresponding application listed in the dock. When you depress this keyboard shortcut, numbers will appear on top of the icons in the dock indicating which application is which number.