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Part One : "In The Beginning, We Knew Nothing" : The CIA Under Truman, 1945 To 1953

1. Intelligence Must Be Global And Totalitarian

2. The Logic Of Force

3. Fight Fire With Fire

4. The Most Secret Thing

5. A Rich Blind Man

6. They Were Suicide Missions

7. A Vast Field Of Illusion

Part Two : A Strange Kind Of Genius : The CIA Under Eisenhower, 1953 To 1961

8. We Have No Plan

9. CIA's Greatest Single Triumph

10. Bomb Repeat Bomb

11. And Then We’ll Have A Storm

12. We Ran It In A Different Way

13. Wishful Blindness

14. Ham-Handed Operations Of All Kinds

15. A Very Strange War

16. He Was Lying Down And He Was Lying Up

Part Three : Lost Causes : The CIA Under Kennedy And Johnson, 1961 To 1968

17. Nobody Knew What To Do

18. We Had Also Fooled Ourselves

19. We’d Be Delighted To Trade Those Missiles

20. Hey, Boss, We Did A Good Job, Didn’t We?

21. I Thought It Was A Conspiracy

22. An Ominous Drift

23. More Courage Than Wisdom

24. The Beginning Of A Long Slide Downwards

25. We Knew Then That We Could Not Win The War

26. A Political H-Bomb

27. Track Down The Foreign Communists

Part Four : Get Rid Of The Clowns : The CIA Under Nixon And Ford, 1968 To 1977

28. What The Hell Do Those Clowns Do Out There In Langley?

29. USG Wants A Military Solution

30. We Are Going To Catch A Lot Of Hell

31. To Change The Concept Of A Secret Service

32. A Classic Fascist Ideal

33. The CIA Would Be Destroyed

34. Saigon Signing Off

35. Ineffective And Scared

Part Five : Victory Without Joy : The CIA Under Carter, Reagan, And George H. W. Bush, 1977 To 1993

36. He Sought To Overthrow Their System

37. We Were Just Plain Asleep

38. A Freelance Buccaneer

39. In A Dangerous Way

40. He Was Running A Great Risk

41. A Con Man’s Con Man

42. To Think The Unthinkable

43. What Are We Going To Do When The Wall Comes Down?

Part Six : The Reckoning : The CIA Under Clinton And George W. Bush, 1993 To 2007

44. We Had No Facts

45. Why In The World Didn’t We Know?

46. We’re In Trouble

47. The Threat Could Not Be More Real

48. The Dark Side

49. A Grave Mistake

50. The Burial Ceremony


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