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A guide to hacking on the Raspberry Pi, a microcomputer that runs a full stack Linux OS, all on a mobile processor:

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Instructions for installing an operating system on the Raspberry Pi: RaspberryPi/Installing

After Installing: Interfacing with Headless Pi

Instructions for interfacing with headless Raspberry Pis, including how to change their boot sequence to find them on a network: RaspberryPi/Headless

After Installing: First Steps with Pi

You can find a guide to your first steps with Raspberry Pi, mainly covering the setup process for Raspbian Linux: RaspberryPi/First Steps

Raspberry Pi Projects

Hardware Focus

Most recent projects listed first.

Making an Internet of Things Morse Code Keyer with Raspberry Pi

Combining the morse code example below with Flask, a lightweight web server for Python, allows us to create an API for remotely controlling the Raspberry Pi. We can then use the Raspberry Pi to send morse code with the LED.

Here are the details: RaspberryPi/IoT Morse Code Keyer

Morse Code on Raspberry Pi

This page has more details on a quick-and-easy way to get a Morse code library I wrote in Python up and running on the Raspberry Pi: RaspberryPi/Morse Code

Raspberry Pi Timelapse Photo

You can find a short guide to how I built a Raspberry Pi time lapse photo camera here:


Hello World LED Circuit with GPIO

This project controls a simple LED circuit with the Raspberry Pi's onboard GPIO cable: Hello World Raspberry Pi

This project uses a python code to send high/low voltage signals to pins on the GPIO, and make an LED on a breadboard blink.

Software Focus

Run Web Server on Pi

You can find a guide to running a lightweight web server with Flask or something similar over at RaspberryPi/Web Server

Kali Linux on Raspberry Pi

Getting deeper into the world of networking and using the Pi for security and networking applications:

Kali Raspberry Pi

Notes by Date

Raspberry Pi 2015-07-29 - basic hello world

Raspberry Pi 2015-07-30 - basic hello world writeup

Raspberry Pi 2015-07-31 - morse code writeup, Flask Web API to control hardware


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